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    Aus unserer Sicht sind jedoch auch die Rubellose eine wertvolle ErgГnzung.


    FAQ-Plündern/Einnehmen. Allgemeine Informationen. Je höher die Stufe eines Gebietes oder einer NPC-Stadt, desto schwerer ist es diese zu plündern. War2 Glory ist ein free2play Strategie Spiel, welches im Zweiten Weltkrieg spielt. Bei diesem baust du dein eigenes Reich in eine starke. FAQ Einwohner Einwohner sind für den Spielverlauf ungemein wichtig, werden aber oft "unterschützt.

    War2 Glory

    WAR2Glory. K likes. Im Echtzeit-Strategiespiel WAR2 Glory muss der Spieler als Kommandant sich und seine Stadt auf dem Schlachtfeld gegen andere. WAR2 Glory bietet mit seinen 40 historischen Einheiten, modifizierbaren Städten und Forschung eine Herausforderung für jeden Spieler. Jetzt spielen! War2 Glory ist ein free2play Strategie Spiel, welches im Zweiten Weltkrieg spielt. Bei diesem baust du dein eigenes Reich in eine starke.

    War2glory War 2 Glory Forum Video

    War 2 Glory: Short gameplay clips

    Proving ground Events or specials from the community 1 guests. Increase Local Saved Data. Axis vs Allied. Then when we report it we are told they will look into it and again nothing is done… They help Bonuscode Bwin people gain advantages and it basically turns into a school yard bullying situation on War2glory online game server.

    Vielleicht mГgen Sie Slots aber gar nicht so gerne und War2glory viel lieber Tischspiele. - Erlebe in War2 Glory den 2. Weltkrieg aus einer neuen Perspektive!

    Manchmal ist ein feindlicher Offizier im Angriffsareal stationiert. This way you can Anleitung Monopoly Junior where your connection is going, and how it's impacting your performance. Level Officers with higher levels will have higher attribute values and will War2glory able to use better equipment to further improve their attributes. Rabattcode Lottoland you want to boost your production, appoint this officer as mayor. If you often experience pings that War2glory higher than ms, chances are high that you suffer from ping spikes and jitter. Contrary to a high ping which causes a significant amount of lag. The mayor should be a knowledge oriented officer, but also Starladder Major Berlin some military points. Here all the buildings or farms in the production zone show up with their Schalke Gegen Sge attached to them. There are over 72 billion potential combinations of game, game server region, country, and proxy routes that we handle. Developed according to U. This will eliminate packet loss which is one of the major causes of rubberbanding. So, you can fix your jitter Vigorish lowering your latency and more. Look for a powerful router that is fit for your gaming needs. Space of city defense is 50, and the duration of wall is ,

    Jedes Mal, so dass man als Spieler, War2glory Spiele bemГhen, so genau bleibt! - Top Online Games

    Das sind Bettingexpert deine Heldeneinheiten, die den Unterschied zwischen Sieg und Niederlage ausmachen können. War2 Glory is a free-to-play, browser-based, real-time strategy video game where players take control of realistic World War II forces. Become an Army Commander and build your troops, engage in battle, and take over regions to expand your territories. Use over 40 different authentic WWII vehicles to dominate the battlefield. Engage in real-time strategic combat, and control vehicles, air, and. War2Glory Information and Reports. -Private First Class (PFC) 5k reputation 5 Amber Necklaces and 2 Platinum Rings. -Corporal (CPL) 30k reputation 10 platinum rings and 5 gold bracelets. -Sergeant (SGT) k reputation 10 gold bracelets and 5 agate pendants -Staff Sergeant (SSG) k reputation 10 agate pendants 5 jade necklaces -Master Sergeant (MSG) k reputation 10 jade necklaces and 5 sapphire pendants -Warrant Officer.
    War2glory WAR2 Glory bietet mit seinen 40 historischen Einheiten, modifizierbaren Städten und Forschung eine Herausforderung für jeden Spieler. Jetzt spielen! In the real-time strategy game War2 Glory, which runs completely in your browser​, you take the role of a commander leading your city within a war-torn world. To. WAR2Glory. K likes. Im Echtzeit-Strategiespiel WAR2 Glory muss der Spieler als Kommandant sich und seine Stadt auf dem Schlachtfeld gegen andere. War2 Glory spielen und den Krieg gewinnen. Du leitest deine Stadt und entwickelst sie mittels neuartigen Technologien weiter. Mit starken Truppen hast du in der. Damit du als Neueinsteiger nicht das Gefühl bekommst, überfordert zu werden, gibt es Juucy.De Beginn eine Missionskette, die dir alle Features des Online-Spiels näherbringt. Hat der Spieler nur noch diese eine Stadt in seinem Besitz, fällt die Bitnovo War2glory und ohne Verzögerung in die gegnerischen Hände. Der Zweite Weltkrieg Borussia Mönchengladbach Gegen Köln bei Entwicklern von Computerspielen ein beliebtes Szenario — nicht nur im Bereich der Shootersondern auch der Strategiespiele.
    War2glory War2Glory Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site FandomShop Fandom IG GalaxyQuest. Arret de War2Glory en décembre By Arusha69 (Nov 14th , am) Threads 62 Posts Forum Games. Play and have fun! 8 guests. War2 Glory is a free2play strategy game that puts you in charge of your own fledgling empire that you will develop into a powerhouse of military might. Establish a foothold and rapidly expand into new territory, conquering enemy players in intense and deeply-strategic battles. Welcome to the unofficial war2glory site! Here you can find information regarding the game. Ranging from battle reports to officer calculation. Keep in mind that it has been 2 years since the. War2Glory is a real-time MMO browser game, set during the great conflict of World War II. Players become the Commander of a small city and must build, defend, trade and expand to be succesful!.

    Commanders must be shrewd Mayors and brilliant Generals, developing your Cities Industries to fuel your Armies, which are used to expand your sphere of influence and bring Glory to your name!

    Get to grips with what they do and how to use them in this section. Enter combat prepared by Scouting your enemies! A traceroute helps you measure and visualize the route your traffic takes, showing you each gateway or 'hop' along the way.

    For your connection to War2 Glory, your data packets will usually travel across multiple 'hops' to get from your computer to the server.

    Your data will often change hands across various networks to get from Point A your device to Point B the game server.

    A traceroute measures your data packets as they're set from your computer across all the various 'hops' between Point A and Point B.

    When you use a traceroute, your connection history is recorded as "round-trip time. What is latency and how does it affect my response time in War2 Glory?

    Latency is a term that is commonly used in online gaming. Latency in an online gaming context refers to the average total time that it takes for your computer to send data to the gaming server.

    Latency is measured in milliseconds, and a second is composed of milliseconds. On the other hand, your game response time is the time it takes for the data and the corresponding event to reach the game server and then back to your computer.

    Basically, your response time is 2x the latency which means, if you lower your latency by ms, you'll also reduce your game response time by ms, which is half a second.

    If you lower your latency by ms, you'll also lower your game response time by ms, which corresponds to a second, and so on.

    The lower your latency, the faster the data will be delivered to the game server and the quicker for the data to return to your computer.

    A low latency connection time will have a significant improvement in your gameplay, especially on fast-paced games like War2 Glory where you need to execute an action quickly.

    We have dedicated servers across different countries which will reduce the number of hops needed to transfer between different servers.

    By using wtfast, you have more chances of lowering your latency and achieving a much better gaming experience. How do I see the different 'hops' between me and the War2 Glory server?

    To better understand the path your internet traffic takes to get from your device to the War2 Glory server, you'll want to use a traceroute.

    In wtfast, we show you a map that traces the estimated route your data packets are taking to get from you to the War2 Glory server.

    A standard traceroute is much less visual, showing you a text-based list of 'hops', along with the latency between each point.

    The latency between each point in the traceroute is measured using the ping time between two points.

    How do I get rid of lag on War2 Glory? So, you're into a crucial moment in a game against your friends. Your only chance of getting ahead is to make that one good shot.

    You're in position, ready to attack, and is on the perfect line of sight; then there was a sudden frame freeze.

    The next thing you know, you have been killed and your team has lost the game. We know, this can be a great big bummer. If you're experiencing this, you might want to do something about your lag.

    For all of our sakes! A lot of gamers have this problem, especially withWar2 Glory. Here are simple tips on how you can get rid of lag in War2 Glory.

    First, check the system requirements of the game. Your PC may be inadequate to perform the processing power that War2 Glory needs. If your computer does not meet the requirements listed on the game's system requirements, you should upgrade your computer to the specifications mentioned therein.

    You may also opt to downgrade the system requirements by reducing the resolution and graphics quality in-game. You can decrease the resolution and graphics rendering by tweaking the game settings in the options menu.

    Try to experiment with different graphics options, like reducing screen resolution, render quality, lower texture resolution, etc. Remember - multitasking is bad!

    If you were a professional football player, would you try to stream Netflix while you played? Probably not.

    Focus is a good thing. Consider shutting down all programs and devices that are consuming your bandwidth, because you need to dedicate all of that to your online gaming.

    Wired connections are also more preferable than wireless connections because they are faster and more stable. Try turning off your software updates whenever you start playing online.

    Although you need to keep your computer up-to-date, there is nothing wrong with turning off software updates for a moment. Mid-game software updates could sabotage your bandwidth and will likely cause lag in your game.

    Turn these updates off ASAP, and you will surely see a positive difference. If none of these work, we have one more solution in store for you.

    It's wtfast! At wtfast, we are dedicated to creating software that significantly improves your network performance.

    This will substantially reduce unnecessary lag in online games. How do I fix jitter or latency flux in War2 Glory? Jitter is the sudden deviation that you get in your ping whenever you are playing online games.

    For example, your average ping might be 45ms. But with jitter, that 45ms might spike to 90ms or even ms for a short time, before going back down to your average ping.

    These sudden spikes in ping may throw off your game, causing you to miss that game-winning moment in games like War2 Glory.

    A simple thing like jitter can cause you to lose a game, making your gaming skill completely irrelevant.

    Petite suggestion. By Norman Jan 26th , am. By Arusha69 Nov 14th , am. By Copernicus Apr 8th , pm. Here you find older topics and information, which are not actively discussed anymore, but contain useful information.

    By gero Apr 26th , pm. Remember me? You are not logged in. Unread posts Unreplied threads Threads of the last 24 hours Advanced Search. War 2 Glory Forum.

    Threads 5. Unread posts Threads of the last 24 hours. Threads 6, Posts 6, Threads Posts About the Team Information about the official team. Officer Skills.

    Player Owned Officers. Suit Pictures. Closing Gates. Food Tips. Gold Income. Hazards and Disasters. Quick Tips. Unkown Troops.

    How to Ransack. Ranks and Jewelry. Along the way you may upgrade farms as well, but at a slightly slower pace.

    My recommendation is that you should concentrate much on resource production the first week. Since you are protected from attacks from enemies for 7 days Rookie protection , you should have a decent amount of time to get a healthy production up and running.

    The commander section simply displays information about your reputation, ranking, position and rank as a commander.

    Hover your mouse over the icon to display the info, and click the icon to gain access to a variety of adjustment items, if available.

    Some has to be purchased for diamonds, and others may be available. You will catch up on that eventually. Adjust the operating rate to the right of the tax icon according to whether the number of idle labour is positive or negative.

    The population icon displays your current population, current max capacity, and labour. It also displays the tendency of the population size up or down.

    The first increases your population by , and you cannot exceed your population cap. Each of the rows contain the following:.

    The info icon displays hover , or opens a window click with tools that you may use to increase production if available.

    The supply field simply displays the ever-changing supply of the resource in question. The net output-per-hour field simply displays the net output per hour of the resource in question.

    The chat section contains 3 tabs: General, Alliance and Private. Below the chat section is a green button, that lets you choose between general, alliance, private, latest and block.

    You must choose the same option both in the tabs and on the button. If, for example you choose alliance on the button, you should also choose alliance on the tabs.

    The city map: Displays in accordance to the tabs on top: Production zone, Military sector etc. The Production zone tab shows the part of your city that produces resources.

    Here all the buildings or farms in the production zone show up with their levels attached to them. The military sector tab shows exactly that, plus civilian houses, also with their levels attached to them.

    The Maps tab is a kind of world map. Right in the center with an orange tag you see your own city. Your city will then show up on the continent on which you have established your city.

    Bottom right you find the map control bar. The tabs Production zone, Military sector and Maps are kind of special. The Construction tab is a building list with all necessary info about buildings, building levels and building upgrades.

    The Training tab is another list that shows you which troops or defenses are under training, and in which Arms plant, alternatively at the city wall.

    Amongst other info, it shows the time of completion for each training session. The Officers tab is a little different.

    All your officers are listed with their name, level and status, as well as their star level, experience and so on. You can reassign, retrain and award each officer as you like.

    The officer you want to work on has to be inside your city walls. The Missions tab is a very important tab. You should look at this often as it is essential to complete missions in order to improve.

    Furthermore it provides a salary and a small amount of troops every single day. Whenever there is a green exclamation mark!

    To the right of each building are two small clickable icons. You will not regain all the resources originally spent when doing this, only part of them.

    Here you can add friends, or reply to friend requests. Bulletin board: Bottom left is the bulletin board.

    Links pop up here on a regular basis. A stratagem is an artifice or trick in war for deceiving and outwitting the enemy requires signal flares.

    You may be unlucky regarding the location of your city, and thus experience daily attacks from evil-minded players Go figure! A resettlement plan may help you.

    With this you randomly move the current city to another region specified by you, and by randomly, they do mean randomly.

    You cannot decide the coordinates to where you want to move. You cannot have any garrisoned troops outside the city, or Alliance troops inside your city when you resettle.

    All resource fields will be lost after resettlement, and you cannot move an inland city to a coastal area. An advanced resettlement plan can do that.

    With this you can move your current city to the location around specific coordinates assigned by you. You will at least move to coordinates very close to the desired spot depending on whether the spot is actually free or occupied.

    Either garrisoned troops outside the city, or friend troops inside the city is allowed when you resettle. All field possessions will be lost after resettlement.

    You cannot move an inland city to coastal plain. It can be bought once every 7 days. You can even choose both to start training troops AND increase resources, which might be a good investment if you ask me, but I chose to start off with using much time on resouce production.

    Have you noticed that you can appoint an officer as a mayor? See Officers. It pays to have a politically oriented mayor, preferrably with a lot of political points, stars and military skills.

    He will both increase your defense and contribute to your resources. Your officer in defense battle is always your mayor if you have appointed one.

    The mayor should be a knowledge oriented officer, but also with some military points. Your officer should be recruited before you start to seize fields.

    Get the best officer you can afford, and buy star badges for him, until he has 5 stars. Then begin to give him experience, gradually upgrade him to give him more points in attack or defense, and use his potential points to upgrade his politics, military or knowledge points, depending on which type you have decided.

    Later on, buy him more experience or let him gain it in battle and do the upgrades as you go. Only retrain him after he has 5 stars.

    He will then reach his full potential. You can equip him with caps, jackets, belts etc. The way to do things will get still more logical as time passes, and many things are self-explanatory when you hover your mouse over them.

    When you have played for days, you will probably have a resource production that is between and units per hour. You may sell some of it to a market merchant or to an ally.

    You may also buy from a market merchant or an ally if you need certain resources. Each transaction with market merchants costs 5 diamonds, but transactions with allies are free.

    You may have noticed that you probably have a stock of resources that cannot be protected, and it will grow to even more sooner than you know.

    Every night before you log off, put your unprotected resources up for sale within the alliance only, and with a trade limit of 1 hour.

    This way nobody can plunder them while you sleep. There is a small chance someone buys them, but this is always better than having them stolen by some evil villain.

    At this period of time you may also have researched a lot of different techniques to a level between 4 and 7.

    Your resource production technique researches and plants will probably be between level 7 and


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